askporter announces partnership with FLS - FAST LEAN SMART

March 22, 2024

askporter is pleased to announce a new partnership with FLS - FAST LEAN SMART, marking a new collaboration in real estate technology. Together, we aim to provide an even smoother experience for customers by combining our cutting-edge AI communication solutions with FLS' innovative software allowing optimised appointment scheduling and embedded route planning for contractors.

How can this service add value to askporter’s customer solutions?

Once askporter has communicated with a customer on a specific issue, and it’s agreed that a specialist contractor is required to fix the certain problem, the customer can seamlessly interact through the askporter assistant with FLS' real-time scheduling system. By removing the need for manual scheduling and route planning, the assistant will offer the choice of cost-optimised appointments (green appointment) or appointments best fitting engineers existing diaries and routes. This will allow a specialist contractor to be booked in at a time convenient to the customer, and for the asset manager to save additional time and resources. They will provide a seamless and hassle-free communications and booking solution for the resident or customer.

This enables an even more efficient and empowered real estate experience for all askporter’s customers and end users, with a reduced risk of ‘no-access’ visits and a better opportunity for improved outcomes including job completion results. The askporter team is keen to explore other potential partnership opportunities with solution providers. Please book a meeting with Ben Yexley here if you would like to discuss this or for more detail on our new partnership with FLS.

More information on FLS – FAST LEAN SMART:

FLS – FAST LEAN SMART is Europe’s technology leader for mobile workforce management, real-time field service scheduling, and dynamic route optimisation. FLS VISITOUR's lightning-fast scheduling and embedded route optimisation delivers unmatched transparency for field services. Real-time management continually updates in the background to provide the most efficient routing for repairs and maintenance operatives, gas teams, voids surveyors, compliance inspectors, rent, and housing officers. FLS uses actual time-of-day traffic-based speed profiles and self-learning artificial intelligence for job durations to plan travel that operatives can reliably achieve on time.

•        Fully cost-optimised appointment scheduling

•        Actual time-of-day route planning

•        Real-time re-optimisation to reflect in-shift changes including customer cancellations and delays

See short explainer film here:

See more information on the FLS website:  FLS - FAST LEAN SMART

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