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Transform your facilities management with our innovative AI-driven solution. Enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and elevate customer service, all while ensuring 24/7 support for your end user. Embrace the future of property management with askporter's automated, digital assistant.


Improved experience, for end users and managers alike

askporter redefines facilities management by prioritising both end user and manager experiences. Our AI solution streamlines communication, ensuring swift and accurate responses to address end users' needs. Managers benefit from reduced workload and enhanced operational oversight, fostering a harmonious environment where efficiency and satisfaction coexist, elevating the standard of property management. 

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Less management, more data

askporter revolutionises property management by minimising manual tasks and maximising data-driven insights. Our AI solution automates routine operations, freeing managers to focus on strategy and growth. With real-time data at your fingertips, make informed decisions, anticipate needs, and drive your property portfolio towards unprecedented efficiency and profitability.

Use AI for a competitive edge
Reduced Operational Costs
By automating repetitive tasks, askporter helps in reducing the labour costs associated with these activities. This can lead to significant cost savings for your facility management operations.
24/7 Availability
Provide round-the-clock assistance and autonomously handle customer conversations, ensuring quick and effective responses to end user inquiries or issues.
Focus on High-Value Tasks
Screen out the routine tasks, leaving your team to focus on more complex, high-value activities that require human intervention and expertise.
As your property portfolio grows, an AI system can scale more easily compared to a human workforce, handling increased volume without the need for proportional increases in staff.

How our AI solutions can help with key issues impacting the FM industry

Reporting Reactive Maintenance Issues

Current Proccess
1. Initial Reporting
When maintenance issues arise, they are reported to the help desk, either via email or phone call. Sometimes, even simple problems may require an engineer's attention.
2. Work Order Creation
The help desk collects all the necessary information about the issue and then creates a work order.
3. Work Order Diagnosis
The work order is shared with the engineer. The engineer then attends and diagnoses the problem.
4. Potential Inefficiencies
Engineers may have to make repeat visits to resolve the issue due to a lack of complete information or the right tools during their first visit.
askporter's Solution
1. Enhanced Issue Specification
askporter assists users in providing more specific details about the maintenance issue, such as the exact location and part numbers. This level of detail can potentially lead to a self-fix by the user, thereby avoiding the need for an engineer's visit.
2. Better Prepared Engineers
With askporter, engineers are informed about the issue in advance and can prepare more effectively. They have access to the asset's history and can ensure they bring the required equipment. This preparation could reduce the need for repeat visits and increase the efficiency of the maintenance process.

Maintaining the Asset Register

Current Challenges
Outdated Asset Registers
Due to human error and technological limitations, asset registers often become outdated, leading to unreliability.
Time-Consuming Updates
Regular updating of asset registers requires significant manual effort and attention.
Inaccurate Maintenance Planning
Inaccuracies in asset history result in ineffective maintenance planning, higher costs, and operational inefficiencies.
Miscommunication Risks
Lack of real-time updates in asset registers can cause miscommunication and resource mismanagement.
Engineer Revisitations
The struggle to keep registers updated often leads to unnecessary engineer revisits, affecting efficiency and increasing costs.
Expensive Asset Surveys
Maintaining an asset register often requires expensive third party asset surveys
askporter's Approach
Pre-Visit Accuracy
askporter's detailed information request before a visit enhances first-visit accuracy, minimising repeat issues.
Work Order Tracking
The system's end-to-end monitoring of work orders ensures comprehensive documentation of maintenance activities.
Documentation Integration
askporter manages and integrates key documents with relevant systems for streamlined maintenance processes.
Proactive Solutions
Leveraging asset history, askporter anticipates repeat issues for future proactive maintenance.
Updated Registers
Real-time updates of asset registers by askporter enhance maintenance efficiency and decision-making accuracy.

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What our clients say about us

Kira Rosenmeyer
Kira Rosenmeyer
Digital Transformation – WISAG

“Our customers rightly expect high quality service from us. Problems in distributed operations usually only become apparent when customers complain. Through the askporter platform, we offer our customers the possibility to contact us at any time to report issues or ask for help. Also, the check-in of our cleaners, creates process transparency and reveals problems that can be solved proactively before our customers react.”

WISAG is a leading European FM provider, with over 50,000 employees operating across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Poland. The company focuses on providing services in the areas of aviation, facility and industry.

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