Automate social housing communications with AI

Use the power of AI to automate communication with residents and contractors through a human-like phone or web-based Virtual Assistant, integrated with all your systems.


Social housing in the UK

Seamlessly integrating customised solutions

askporter integrates white-labeled AI assistants with current management systems, offering highly customised solutions for unique operational needs. Designed to streamline service delivery, our platform ensures a smooth, frictionless experience for providers and residents alike.

Multichannel support

Whether online, via phone, through WhatsApp, or by SMS, our AI solutions facilitate a seamless flow of information between tenants and housing managers. This not only ensures an inclusive service that caters to the needs of all residents but also significantly improves the efficiency of managing social housing properties.

Tailored functionality for enhanced social housing
Smart Record Keeping
Offers self-service advice leveraging asset registers and resident data. It actively collects data to ensure records remain current and adds context to enhance follow-up interactions.
Automated Support & Communication
Provides integrated CRM and scheduling automation, 24/7 self-service advice, and ensures timely, informed completion of tasks with residents and contractors.
Intelligent Interactions
Dynamically anticipates inquiries using past interactions, work orders, and appointments, conducts targeted welfare checks, and systematically escalates issues following company protocols for a streamlined response.
Accessibility & Language Inclusivity
Offers multi-language support, including local vernacular and acronyms, with a Virtual Assistant accessible via online, phone, or WhatsApp to meet diverse resident preferences.

Revolutionising social housing: AI solutions for decades-old challenges

Current Problem
Staff Shortages Increase Mistakes
Shortage of staff and high staff turnover resulting in long wait times and increased risk of human mistake from lack of experience.
Rigid Customer Service Protocols
Most human customer contact centre tasks follow an agreed flow.
Resource Gaps in Resident Communication
Lack of resources for outbound communication with residents for welfare checks.
Repair Request Backlogs
Backlog of repairs due administration limitations.
Outdated Asset Information
Lack of up to date asset data.
Barriers for Technologically Diverse Residents
Diverse resident types, some with lack of tech experience.
Overlooked Tasks Due to Staff Shortage
Tasks get overlooked due to a lack of human resources.
Fragmented Communication Channels
Lack of communication between resident, HA & contractor.
askporter's Solution
24/7 AI Efficiency
AI executes agreed processes with human-like understanding, 24/7.
Automated Customer Service Workflows
We carry out these processes.
Systematic Welfare Check Communications
askporter can carry out communication, give advice & ask questions to triage the most important issues to be dealt with systematically.
Dynamic Repair Scheduling Automation
Automated outbound communication to book in appointments through a Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS).
Data Collection and Verification
Use the opportunity to collect or verify data.
Multi-Channel, Multi-Language Support
Able to seamlessly switch to your preferred communications channel or language.
Automated Compliance and Engagement Triggers
Automated triggers when fields or updates are missing to initiate call or text with resident or contractor to keep you compliant.
Integrated Update System for All Parties
Contractor can Call, SMS or Whatsapp updates to be logged and passed on to the resident.

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What our clients say about us

Karen Heaney
Karen Heaney
Director of Investment & Compliance  – Legal & General Affordable Homes

"askporter has created a white labelled web assistant for Legal and General Affordable Homes which integrates seamlessly with our Housing Management System, Brolly. The web assistant supports individuals in obtaining an accurate diagnosis through utilising our centralised database and customised flows to form a diagnosis and educate customers to enable self-resolution of simple issues through guided videos. Where a visit is required, the web assistant will automatically allocate the work to the relevant Provider, stamping the diagnosis clearly to ensure the delivery of a first-time fix. This was a highly customised build that further enables our platform towards our vision of delivering a frictionless service offer for customers."

Key initial stats on L&G Affordable Homes using askporter

4.8 out of 5 Stars
achieved on their Customer Satisfaction Rating
of inbound maintenance requests are handled by askporter
of tenants now fix the issue themselves by using askporter’s advice system
successful automatic diagnostic by askporter and ensuring the booked contractor has the correct skills
6,300 properties
looked after by askporter
257,000 components
looked after by askporter
Mobile screen featuring a chat with askporter's AI assistant

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