AI driven outreach communications

askporter's new outbound communications solution will transform property management for asset managers and their customers. In collaboration with housing providers, this innovative tool is designed to solve and prevent potential issues for both building managers and residents, by freeing up time through seamless automated communication between stakeholders.


Case study: Condensation, damp and mould in social housing

Damp and mould issues pose a significant challenge in the social housing sector. According to recent findings by the Regulator of Social Housing, the majority of cases could have been addressed more efficiently with improved administration and processes. These seasonal issues often cause distress and disruption for both housing providers and residents. Within social housing, there is often hesitation to report mould as residents fear the possibility of temporarily or permanently losing housing as a result. 

Wall with mildew
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Intelligently automate your operations with no-code workflows

For damp and mould issues, the best solution is prevention. With askporter's new Outbound Communication feature, we aim to shift the way social housing providers manage damp and mould issues. By initiating proactive campaigns through letters, emails, and texts—with convenient QR codes for easy engagement—we empower housing providers to communicate effectively with residents. This also provides an effective way to let residents know that they need to check for mould, and report when they notice it, while also making it clear that they will not face penalties for doing so. 

The benefits go beyond damp and mould prevention
Automated Surveys and Appointments
Conducting annual condensation, damp and mould surveys becomes a breeze with askporter. The system facilitates information sharing, provides tips on property ventilation and allows for the booking of welfare appointments for necessary repairs—all automated to reduce manual workload.
Gas Safety Checks
Ensure the seamless completion of annual gas safety checks by automating communication for scheduling appointments, handling FAQs, and allowing residents to easily rearrange appointments. All while adhering to safety regulations.
Asset Register Improvement
Proactively survey properties to enhance the asset register, addressing missing data and optimising overall portfolio management.
Service Charge/Rent Increase Communication
Simplify the communication of annual service charge and rent increases through automated and personalised messages.
Elevate Property Management with askporter

Embrace the power of AI for effective outbound messaging. Address annual challenges like condensation, damp and mould, and gas safety checks with improved efficiency and resident engagement.

24/7 Virtual Assistance
Handle increased inquiries efficiently with our virtual assistants, a step beyond traditional customer management tools.
Enhanced Efficiency
Our AI-powered platform significantly boosts operational effectiveness, easing the burden on social housing helpdesks.
Omnichannel Engagement
Multiple communication channels offer residents and managers seamless interaction.
A smartphone screen featuring a chat with askporter's digital assistant

Discover the difference

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