Why David beats Goliath in the battle to attract top tech talent

Tom Shrive
February 28, 2022

For many in the tech industry, getting a job with a big brand company may be seen as a dream career move to make at such an early stage of their career. However, newcomers to the sector should know that bigger does not necessarily mean better. This is because larger corporations can often be slow to adapt to new ways of working and thinking due to their sheer size, which can act as significant barriers when you’re trying to get your foot on the next rung of the ladder.

In fact, taking up a post with an exciting startup could be far more beneficial for the development of your skills and industry knowledge in such an early and pivotal point in your career. There are several key reasons why working with a tech startup like askporter in the early stages of your career could be far more beneficial in the longer term than accepting a role with a large-scale enterprise.

With startups, businesses generally consist of much smaller teams – often fewer than 10 members of staff – which gives recent entrants to the tech industry considerably more scope to make their mark on the company.

Instead of being just another number in a large corporation’s legion of workers, employees can truly feel that they have a voice within a small company, with which they can bring about positive changes and play an instrumental role in the development of the business.  

Not only can supporting the growth of a tech startup be an incredibly rewarding experience – and one that is bound to impress potential future employers – but you are also more likely to be recognised for your contributions and move up the ladder faster as a result.

Furthermore, in a startup, it is probable that junior staff members will come into regular contact with the organisation’s senior figures, including its founders, given the smaller structure of the team, which is unlikely to be the case in a larger corporation.

Because founders often have extensive knowledge of and experience in the tech industry – which have enabled them to set up their own company – working closely with and learning from them can be invaluable for those who have recently entered the sector.

By observing how senior managers navigate complex issues, to how they interact with clients and ensure employees feel motivated and engaged with their work, new employees can gain a unique insight into what it means to run a business, and perhaps feel inspired to launch an enterprise of their own one day.

It is understandable why some who have only been working in the tech sector for a short time aspire to work for its biggest and most prestigious brands, but it is important to consider the benefits that working for a startup could bring.

Startups are, and always will be, the lifeblood of the UK’s economy, and working for a small tech company and supporting its growth could be an experience that helps to shape and inspire the CEOs and industry pioneers of the future.


Tom Shrive is the founder and CEO of askporter

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